Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Coat of Revisionism Painted on Thick

Recently, Israel made a move that once again caused an uprising in the Muslim world. Iran, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan warned that the move Israel made was a provocation. Hizbullah and Hamas outrightly called for violence in response to Israel's move. Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas, visiting in Brussels, told the Belgian parliament that the move was a “serious provocation which may lead to a religious war.” And the constantly alert, ever faithful watchdog, The United Nations, even expressed “concerns."

What on earth did Israel do to provoke such outrage? Did they leak the flight plans of jet fighters soon to fly over Iran? No. Israel's move was so provocative that before I reveal it, you should double-check and make sure that no children are looking over your shoulder at the computer screen. Those who are faint-hearted, make sure you've taken your medication today. Because this is shocking! Are you ready? Deep breath. Here goes. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that the ancient tomb of Rachel and the Patriarchs’ Cave will be included on the list of national Jewish heritage sites. And not only that, he also had the gall to add that the sites will be refurbished! Oh, Israel, what horror will you think of next?

If you have recovered from shock, we'll move on to more reaction from the Muslim world, since their reaction seems to be the only one that matters these days. Hizbullah said that Israel’s declaration represents "arrogance” and “is yet another example of aggression against Muslims holy sites and an attack on the dignity of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.” Not to be outdone, Jordanian Minister Nabil Sharif said, “The Israeli policies that also seek to alter the historical and religious features on the ground in the occupied territories are rejected and are against international legitimacy principles.” And to top off the outcries, Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said in a statement: "This new Israeli position will only feed extremism, confrontations and violence, and it does not serve US efforts to revive peace.”

Did you catch that? "This NEW Israeli position . . ." And the world sits back and buys it. Revisionist history at its best. Yes, it's true. Netanyahu is the first Jew to read the book of Genesis and figure it all out. Can you imagine Netanyahu's excitement when he saw that Rachel and the patriarchs and matriarchs listed in the Bible were Jewish! That must be what led to his "new position."

This is not the first time Muslims have done a bit of revision. It has become en vogue for Muslim leaders to deny that there is any historical or religious connection between the Jews and the Temple Mount. Nice try boys! But your own leaders up until the 1950's printed handy-dandy little guide books about Jerusalem that quite correctly connected the dots between the Jews and the Temple Mount. The official 1925 Supreme Moslem Council (Wakf) Guide Book to the Temple Mount lists on page four, paragraph two, the Temple Mount's connection to the Holy Temple built by King Solomon on land purchased by King David, complete with a reference to II Samuel 24:25. This important fact was included in the official guide books until the 1950's when it began to be left out. Which reminds me of another book in which an important fact is left out. The Koran never mentions Jerusalem, nor its importance to Arabs. Not once. Interesting. But, hey, no problem to a revisionist!

Rachel's tomb is just the next site on a list of Jewish holy sites being historically revamped. It is now being called the "Bilal ibn Rabah Mosque" and is near and dear to Muslims' hearts. Which is frightening, considering what happens to places that Muslims cherish and claim as their own. Anyone remember Joseph's tomb? A site that Muslims claimed was special to them. A place they wanted to "watch over." So what did they do it? They destroyed it. A mob of Arabs using gunfire, stones, and firebombs systematically destroyed the holy site, reducing it to a smoldering rubble and tragically killed six Jews in the process. And now they want Rachel's tomb.

The Muslims' reaction to Netanyahu's announcement, is akin to a spoiled-rotten child who sees another child with a toy he wants. The Muslims start throwing a screaming tantrum and for some inexplicable reason, the world bends over backwards to pacify them, gives them the toy, and then the Muslims throw it down and start screaming for another one.

So today, the "Wake Up and Smell the Falafel Award" goes to all revisionist historians who are trying to paint the whole world "Muslim." And I have an uneasy feeling, America, that we better wake up soon or one day revisionism will hit our shores and the Statue of Liberty might just begin wearing a burka.

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