Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poison in Carrickmacross

Something terrible has happened in the small Irish town of Carrickmacross. Their ale has been poisoned! This has caused some of its citizens and councilmen to do bizarre things. After downing a few pints of the tainted brew, they merrily went on their way and tore the page out of the town hall's guest book that Israeli Ambassador, Zion Evrony, had signed. It was a rip heard 'round the world.

Apparently, the five council members who voted to rip the page out and the citizens who protested Evrony's visit have been drinking the poisoned ale of anti-Israeli propaganda for awhile. The illustrious council members tried to physically bar Evrony's entry into the town hall to meet the mayor. Kudos to Mayor Mary Kerr Conlon, who did not partake of the councilmen's fodder. The "mature" councilmen shouted abusive comments and demanded that Evrony leave the town. Evrony was only able to enter town hall after the police intervened.

“Mr. Ambassador, you are not welcome here,” councilman Matt Carthy reportedly shouted to Evrony. “You represent a rogue government and this visit is unacceptable. What your government has been responsible for in Gaza and in the rest of the Palestinian territory has been completely unacceptable.” The report said that Carthy’s verbal protest continued when the ambassador posed for photographs with the mayor and that the police tried to restrain him.

The particularly vocal councilmen, Matt Carthy, who is a member of Sinn Fein, called for Mayor Conlon to apologize for inviting Evrony to town, and said she should be ashamed of herself for hosting a civic reception for someone who simply wasn’t welcome in Carrickmacross.

On his blog, Carthy described his efforts to sway Mayor Conlon to shun Evrony. "I immediately called her and outlined the huge insult that such a reception would be to all of those people in Carrickmacross and further afield who are continually horrified by the actions of the Israeli government, particularly in the Palestinian territories." He further stated, “To allow the page to remain in our visitors book would, I believe, forever sully the name and reputation of the council I am proud to have been a member of since 1999.” Carthy has received numerous "pats on the back" on his blog and Facebook page from citizens who applaud his actions.

The boisterous Carthy, appears to be a relatively young lad. Maybe his youth explains his misguided ignorance. I decided to write him and perhaps have a civil dialogue; try to find out what makes a young Irish man so vehemently anti-Semitic.

His response was revealing. He's practically a card-carrying sucker of the U. N. That explained a lot. The following is a "he said, she said" dialogue. First what he wrote to me, and then my thoughts to his delusions in parenthesis. He said, "Israel, has broken numerous UN resolutions, that's indisputable. [For its survival, Israel tends to break resolutions which are 100% anti-Israel, and in favor of terrorists.] "It has also been found guilty of deliberately targeting schools and hospitals." [Ah, yes get out the tissue and violins as you watch mainstream-media staged propaganda. The chances of a school or hospital being hit would be ZERO if the Hamas and PLO thugs did not hide behind skirts and diapers and stoop so low as to hide their ammo in ambulances.] "Now I know you'd say that Israel has also suffered that I don't dispute but the way forward is through dialogue and the Israeli government refuse to enter dialogue except on their own terms." [Imagine that! The Israelis have a few of their own terms before they sit down with a pseudo-government who backs terrorists and continues to publicly and privately call for the destruction of Israel.]

He goes on to say, "Our actions in Carrickmacross were simply an expression that we didn't want to be associated with the Israeli government while they act in contravention of international law. That is our right." [Yes, Matt Carthy, it is your right to be a complete and total idiot.]

"By the way," he feels compelled to remind me, "this cannot be regarded as anti-Jewish in any way. In fact I have received correspondence from a number of Jewish people who have expressed understanding of our actions. I know they are a minority but they too are entitled to their opinion." [Of course, what was I thinking? You and the citizens of Carrickmacross give me no reason, whatsoever, to think that any of your actions or beliefs are anti-Jewish." So let's use another word for it. Can we all say it together: ANTI-SEMITIC. And let me guess, the few Jewish people who expressed understanding of your actions were all named Goldstone.]

Ah, and I saved the best for last. He closed his note to me by stating, "Also I think your language regarding 'regret, very much' may be considered by some to be a threat of some kind and I would appreciate it if you didn't make that type of reference." [First of all, isn't it a bit ironic to be scolding me for a "threat" considering your party's ties to the IRA? The following is my big, bad, ugly "threat" that I wrote to him, "I'm afraid that you will one day regret, very much, your treatment of the Jews." Wow, what a threat, huh? But I should have known a warning on a SPIRITUAL level, insinuating that karma would most likely bite his Irish butt someday, would completely go over his head.]

After the council members passed the motion to rip Evrony's signature out of their guestbook, Carthy said, “Carrickmacross Town Council has redeemed itself and the Israeli ambassador’s PR stunt has backfired. Zion Evrony has got his answer from our little town in South County Monaghan.”

So here's to you, Matt Carthy and the little town of Carrickmacross, for your big, bold, brave "answer" to Zion Evrony and Israel. You are pathetic. Therefore, you have the earned the distinction of being the first recipient of the "Wake Up and Smell the Falafel Award." Be proud! You earned it!

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