Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Sordid Tale

Camie Davis
The U.S. government has a multiple personality disorder.  Since the day American companies became involved with oil in the Middle East, the U.S. government has displayed several completely different personalites.  Especially when dealing with Israel. 
America supports Israel.  Well sorta, kinda, on certain days, on certain issues.  And when America is not sorta, kinda supporting Israel, it is undermining Israel's very existence.  But rather than give you a history lesson on the countless times America has dealt with Israel underhandedly, let me tell you a little story instead.
In a town called Boston, there was a horrible crime committed.  Bags containing explosives were detonated in a public place.  Death and carnage resulted.  A nation was stunned (at least the part of the nation who lived with their heads in the sand except for when they came up for air and to watch the mainstream media and E! Entertainment). 
An all out manhunt ensued.  One terrorists down, the other still at large.  A massive lockdown crippled a major city until the wounded animal was cornered.  Cheers were heard in the Boston streets as the heroes who captured the animal wearily drove home.  And a country went back to its daily routine, confident that the terrorist would be brought to justice. (Well at least the head-in-the-sand-msm-watching crowd was confident.  Others who knew a bit about modern American history worried that if the domestic terrorist made a recovery he would probably be offered a job as a professor in Chicago and become pals with a future American president.  Google Bill Ayers if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)
Back to my narrative.  After a drawn out trial, which took longer because of breaks to let the terrorist celebrate Ramadan and to let him pray 5 times a day, (after all, the terrorist became a more disciplined Muslim while in jail) he was sentenced with a very long prison sentence.  More cheers from Americans!  (Except for the ones who thought he should just be given art therapy.  Google Gitmo Art Therapy.)  Case closed.  Or so we thought.  Until a call from the Chinese government came.
During the long Boston bombing trial a funny thing happened.  The US slipped from it’s #1 spot as the world's super power and the Chinese slipped in.  (That multi-trillion dollar debt thingy, it really did matter.  But certain demographics didn’t care as long as women retained their right to choose an abortion.  And besides, voting for Obama was the cool thing to do.)  Anyhoo, the call came and what did the Chinese have the audacity to say?  They told America to let the Boston terrorist go.  No really, they said to give the terrorist a “Get Out of Jail Free” card ASAP.  Why on earth would the Chinese demand such an outrageous thing? 
Well, the Chinese leaders were tired of the whole squabble between Americans and radical Muslims, ie Muslims. They just wanted everybody to get along (translation, do what the damn Arabs want because we have become dependent on their oil).  Muslims who were unhappy living in the oil-rich dictator controlled Arab countries moved to America.  Yet once in America, many of them remained unhappy while watching Americans live happily.  So they blamed their unhappiness on the happiness and freedom of the Americans.  Make sense?  No, it never does.  Well, one day some Muslims decided they would be happier if their fellow Muslim, aka the Boston terrorist, was out of jail.  After all, in their minds it was the American way of life that drove him to bomb happy free Americans in the first place. 
The new super-power of the world understood the plight of the unhappy Muslims, so they demanded America give the Muslim cry babies exactly what they wanted.  Because we all know that giving a child who throws a temper tantrum exactly what he want ensures future peace and tranquility.  Right?  Whatever it took to keep the Muslims happy.  Because happy Muslims = free flowing Arab oil. See, isn’t that neat, everybody is happy.  Expect for the ones who get screwed in order to make the happy deal.  (Google “The Secret War Against the Jews”).
So one bright, clear Bostonian day, at the demands of the Chinese, who had become dependent on Arab oil, the terrorist walked free.  Some say he had a smug smile on his face.  But it was hard to tell since he was surrounded by cheering Muslims giving him a hero’s welcome and by little boys looking up at him adoringly thinking, “Someday, I want to be just like him.”
Sound ludicrous?  Yes, it is completely ludicrous and it has been happening in Israel for years.  And guess who has made the calls telling Israel to release convicted terrorists from prison?  You guessed it, America.
Days after experiencing terrorism on its own soil via the Boston bombings, the U.S. demanded again that Israel release convicted terrorists from prison as a good will gesture towards the Palestinian Authority.  In 2009, Obama demanded that Israel release 1,000 convicted terrorists to appease the PA.  Yes, you read that right.  One thousand.  One can only imagine what would happen if the US made some other demands.  For starters, what if they demanded that the PA removed from their national charter the intent to destroy Israel?  What if they demanded the PA stop naming streets and town squares after suicide bombers?  What if they demanded the PA stop giving payments to terrorists’ families?  What if they demanded that terrorists quit receiving a hero’s welcome when released from prison?  Or let’s just get crazy and imagine what would happen if the U.S. demanded that the Palestinians stopped killing Jews. 
Instead, the U.S. has the audacity of stupidity to actually demand that Israel release terrorists who committed heinous crimes.  Amongst the terrorists who the U.S. demanded be released are the terrorists who burned Amnon Pomerantz alive in his car, the terrorists who murdered tractor driver Yigal Vahknin, the terrorist who murdered 39-year-old Gush Katif resident Shaya Deutch, the terrorists who burned to their deaths Rachel Weiss and her three children; Ephraim, Netanel and Raphael as well as soldier David Delarosa who tried to save them, and the terrorist who murdered Professor Menachem Stern in the Valley of the Cross (in Jerusalem) while he was on his way to Hebrew University.  Yep, just your run-of-the-mill terrorists. 
Not only that, but the U.S. also demanded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologize to Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey.  Do you know what Netanyahu was told to apologize for?  For killing terrorists who tried to kill IDF soldiers.  The terrorists’ plans didn't quite work out the way they intended.  Instead of the terrorists killing the soldiers, the soldiers killed them.  Oops.  And instead of applauding the actions of the IDF, America condemned the actions and then demanded that Israel actually apologize that the soldiers saved their own lives.  You just can't make this stuff up.   But the insanity doesn’t stop there.  The U.S. told Israel that it would be a nice gesture for Israel to make monetary concessions to the families of the terrorists who attacked the IDF soldiers.  So Israel is literally paying for defending itself because of the preposterous demands of America.
Yes, America with the split personality, has bowed down to the wants and demands of Arab oil king-pins for decades, while at the same time trying to “do the right thing” and support Israel, while at the same time undermining Israel.  Yes, I know, it’s confusing.  America, who gives aid to Israel with one hand while with the other hand gives aid to organizations and nations who publically vow to destroy Israel.  America, who has relentlessly bombed entire nations to defend itself against terrorism, yet continuously demands Israel show restraint in defending itself against terrorism.  America, who helped Yasser Arafat ascend as a legitimate leader and gave him millions of dollars of aid, even though he was the “Father of Modern Terrorism.”  Yet on the other hand America started the “War on Terror” and practically destroyed a nation while looking for a terrorist, who by the way, at one time we armed.  America, who travels thousands of miles to fight terrorism in other countries, yet allows people with known terrorists ties into their own country.  
What Americans witnessed in Boston, Israel has witnessed and lived with for decades.  Decades.  And so Jews, being the smart, resilient people they are, decided to fight and enact many defensive measures against terrorism.  Key word: defensive.  Say it slowly and try to understand its implications.  Israel is trying to defend itself against terrorism.
Checkpoints, aka roadblocks, and security fences are part of those defensive measures.  And you know what?  They are inconvenient for Arabs.  So what does America do, it pressures Israel to make Arabs' "fabric of life" as comfortable as possible.  Nevermind that these defensive measures help preserve Jewish lives.  That’s beside’s the point.  Because remember, where was oil discovered in the Middle East?  It wasn’t in Israel.  Therefore, Jews’ needs and demands, even lives, became and still are expendable.  The U.S. State Department doesn’t seem to mind that practically every time they demand Israel dismantle checkpoints, a terrorist attack happens and Jews are murdered.  The “needs” of Arabs, wherever they are, but especially Palestinians, who became the darlings of the Arab world, became a priority to America.  Because again, when Arab “needs” are met, America’s needs at the pump are met.  (Which brings new meaning to the cry to “Drill, baby, drill!” but that’s a whole other article.)
Bottom-line is that the U.S. foreign policy regarding Israel is sometimes sincere, sometimes a sham, and sometimes maniacal.  But more than anything this week, America’s actions scream of hypocrisy and in a very scary way, show a complete lack of understanding of how to deal with terrorists.  Instead of locking terrorists up and throwing away the key, America expects Israel to unleash them back into society.  And this begs the question, is America’s government just plain stupid, or are they hoping these terrorists will do exactly what they did the first time?  Kill Jews and make Muslims happy.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Independence Day, Israel . . . Kind Of

by Camie Davis

Happy Independence Day, Israel!  Well, kind of.  I mean you’re a sovereign nation.  But as far as being independent . . . not so much.  To put it bluntly, Israel, as long as your leaders continue to do what other nations tell them to do, you will never be independent.

Why do Jewish leaders do it?  Why do they take the advice of nations who do not have Israel's best interests in mind?  Jews are smart.  I mean really smart.  Look at the ratio of Jewish Nobel Prize winners.  But Jewish politicians are, well, there’s really no other way to put it; they are stupid.  Or at least they act stupid once they come into office.   Perhaps that is too harsh.  Perhaps it would be nicer to say that Jewish leaders are rendered stupid when they take the advice of the nations.  Does that sound nicer?  Not really, huh?  The bottom-line is that Israel has not done what is in its best interest for decades because they have followed the advice of the nations.  Hence, their own people have suffered horribly.  And that is stupid.   

When observing the actions of Jewish leaders, one is led to wonder if there are lock boxes in the Knesset for elected officials?  Lock boxes labeled “Common Sense,” “Duty to Fellow Jews,” “Logic,” “Chutzpah” and all elected leaders are required to empty themselves of such traits until their terms are over.  And after giving up traits such as common sense, duty to fellow Jews, logic, and chutzpah, is there an oath of office the politicians take in a back room, behind closed doors?  An oath that states, “I will serve the interest of the nations instead of serving the interest of my fellow Jews”  Sound crazy? 

Then how else do you explain the actions of Jewish leaders in Israel?   How do you explain rockets being fired at Jews without retaliation?  Who decided to let the number of rockets surpass the 10 count, the 100 count, the 1000 count?  Why has the madness of deadly weapons being shot at Jews been allowed to continue for so long?  Long enough to build the largest indoor playground, otherwise known as a bomb shelter.  What a disgrace that Jewish children need a bomb shelter masquerading as a playground.  Do you know what kind of message that sends?  It advertises to the world that, “Our kids will need a place to play for a long time because we aren’t going to do anything to stop rockets being fired on them.”

How do you explain Jewish leaders prohibiting Jews from praying on the Temple Mount?  Surely if Jewish leaders hadn’t allowed their “Chutzpah” and “Common Sense” to be confiscated then there would have been an outcry when an elderly Jewish man, who said a blessing before drinking from his water bottle while on the Temple Mount, was arrested by the Israeli police.  Surely if Jewish leaders had not traded their “Duty to Fellow Jews” for “Appeasing the Nations” then there would have been an outcry when an elderly Jewish rabbi/hero, who was a paratrooper from the Six Day War, who helped liberate Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, was arrested for having the gall to say a prayer for his fallen comrades while he was on the Temple Mount.  Instead crickets chirped while Jewish leaders remained emasculated.

How else do you explain thousands of Jews from Gush Katif being kicked out of their homes and businesses by their own government, making way for terrorists training camps to replace the once thriving Jewish neighborhoods?  One would think that the cataclysmic mistake made by the government would have been the climax of their madness.  One might even hope that the government would rend their garments and grovel at the feet of their fellow displaced Jews with apologies.  But instead, the Jewish leaders allow bulldozers to continue to destroy even more Jewish homes in hopes of appeasing those who were not appeased the first time Jewish homes and entire communities were destroyed.  Those lock boxes aren’t sounding so crazy now are they?  The rational of the Jewish leaders has disappeared somewhere!

Yet, the above actions of the government will be swept under the carpet and a grand parade charade will happen on Israel’s Independence Day.   Jewish leaders will celebrate Israel’s Independence Day with riveting, patriotic orations.  Banners and flags will fly.  Acknowledgements will be made for all the sacrifices made to build a nation.  Fireworks will boom.  But then what will happen after the cheering crowds have dispersed?  After the confetti is swept away?  Will the so-called leaders continue walking the same path humming the same tune, “Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s back to the usual appeasing we go?”

During the days, the weeks, the months following the celebrations will heroes from the past still be arrested for praying on the Temple Mount?  Will pioneers continuing the work of building up the land today, literally fulfilling the words of the ancient Prophets and making the land bloom, be treated as enemies of the State?  Will the pioneers of Judea and Samaria continue to be treated as scapegoats, arrested in the middle of the night for the so-called “crime” of defending their homes and families against marauding Arabs?  Will children who are the future of the State continue to have to live with bulls-eyes on their backs?  Will they be expected to continue to scamper into shelters and indoor “playgrounds” hoping a rocket won’t explode on them during the 15 seconds of run-for-cover time?  Will the IDF of today continue to be taught how to be constrained sitting ducks?  Will they be ordered to idly watch while Arabs burn Jewish crops, while Arabs murder Jews with rocks, while the tombs of Matriarchs and Patriarchs become a den for those with murderous intent?

Or will this be the year that the hypocrisy ends?  Will the daily treatment of Jews live up to the once-a-year speeches and celebrations lauding a nation of independence?  Or will the leadership continue to trade their own dignity and sacrifice the safety of their fellow Jews to appease the nations.  The modern nation of Israel turns 65.  It is time for her leaders to grow up and quit suckling the teats of the nations and swallowing the poisonous milk.  It is time for the newly elected Jewish leaders to dismiss the advice and opinions of the nations and to seek what their Leader, the G-d of Israel requires and wants.  

The day Israel can truly celebrate her independence will be the day she cuts the cords that bind her to the nations, and instead she binds herself to Hashem.  When she becomes solely dependent on Him, she will at last be free.