Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There was a Terrorist and a Rabbi

I know, it sounds like a bad joke. But what is the difference between Islamic terrorists and a Rabbi who wants to pray on the Temple Mount? According to Shin-Bet, Israel's National Security Agency, not much.

March 16 was the First Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem was one of the many organizations that participated in the event. One of the main goals of the event was to raise awareness about the violation of rights of all non-Muslims who want to pray on the Temple Mount. Also, because Netanyahu did not include the Temple Mount in the recently announced "Heritage Plan," which listed sites of Jewish historical, cultural, and religious significance, awareness was raised for the inclusion of the Temple Mount on this list. The organizers of the event, and anyone who wanted to join them, planned to gather at the Temple Mount on the morning of March 16 in hopes of being allowed to ascend and pray (which of course they were denied access, after Muslims threatened violence). Organizers also encouraged the public to call, e-mail, or fax Netanyahu and encourage him to stop the violation of religious rights of all non-Muslims on the Temple Mount.

The announcement of the First Annual Temple Mount Awareness day got many people's attention; including a "cultural affairs" officer from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. (Excuse my momentary rabbit trail, but I must take the opportunity to say: The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. Move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!) The Temple Institute was established in 1987. No US government official has ever expressed interest in their work. But suddenly, after the Temple Institute helped point out that only Muslims were allowed religious freedom on the Temple Mount, an official from the US Embassy couldn't wait to talk to Rabbi Richman, who is the Director of the International Department of the Institute, about the "work of the institute." Rabbi Richman agreed to the conversation and later found out that in all likelihood, the "cultural affairs" officer was a CIA agent. The agent must have jumped to action after talking to Rabbi Richman, because soon an unexpected "visitor" knocked on the Rabbi's door. This time it was Israel's National Security Agency, known as the ISA or Shin-Bet.

The ISA decided to visit the Rabbi, mind you, not at his office, but at his home. During the "visit," the Rabbi was told to desist from all his efforts to influence the public or the government into taking action on issues regarding the Temple Mount. The Rabbi's actions, he was told, were damaging the relationship with the USA, placing a stumbling block in the path of the peace process, and inciting Arabs to violence. If he chose not to cease and desist, jail time awaited him.

I am honored to be a friend of Rabbi Richman. He and his wife are two of the holiest, most righteous people I have ever met. So I have to say "Hat's off!" to the fact that the CIA and ISA acknowledged that the prayers of such a man, especially when said standing upon THE most holy sight on earth, would indeed be a stumbling block to the so called "peace process" that our government has been trying to ram down the throats of the Jews for decades. But we all know that the CIA agent and ISA agents weren't acting upon a spiritual insight. No, their moronic actions fall right in step with what now seems to be considered normal. Muslims play the "threaten violence" card and the US and Israeli governments jump into action . . . and threaten a Rabbi.

A Rabbi who has devoted his life to teaching the life-giving principles of the Torah, who happens to think that the Temple would be a really good addition to the world, and who dons tallit and wants to pray on the mount where the Temple stood is put in the same category as men who devote their lives to teaching their children to kill and hate, who happen to think that the extermination of the Jews would be a really good subtraction from the world, and who don suicide belts. Yes, such clear logic of who the bad guy really is.

The ISA proudly displays on their official website that they are "charged with the defense of the state of Israel . . . against threats of terror, espionage, political subversion, and the exposure of state secrets." They have now classified Rabbi Richman into one of those categories. It's official. The world has gone mad.
Camie Davis © 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Making Memories

As most of you know, Obama did not afford Netanyahu the photo op courtesy given to all foreign diplomats who visit the White House. We now know why. He was busy at another photo op.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woman to Woman

Hillary, can we talk? Just a nice little chat between us women. Honestly, I can't figure you out. Are you just simply against the Jews? Or are you trying to trump your husband? Since he didn't achieve peace in the Middle East are you trying to obtain the legacy instead? Psst, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You are doomed to fail, just as your husband failed.

For a lady who has been lauded for her intelligence, when it comes to the Middle East, your actions have reeked of stupidity. Anyone who thinks you can negotiate with Islamic terrorists has lost touch with intelligence and reality. How many more years of failed negotiations and lost lives is it going to take before you realize this? And how long are you going to blame Israel for the failure of incompetent policies you represent.

Lately, it seems that one of your favorite pastimes is to berate and blame Israel for unraveling the "peace process." Did your boss, Obama, hold a gun to your head, or was it your brilliant idea to call Netanyahu and chew his ass out for 45 minutes? When was the last time Abbas was on the receiving end of one of your belligerent phone calls ? Oh that's right. My bad. You tend to kiss Muslim ass, instead of chewing it out.

What, pray tell, did Netanyahu do to incur the wrath of Hillary? He agreed to the building of 1600 homes for Jewish men, women, and children. Abbas + builders = bombs. Netanyahu + builders = homes. What part of that last equation insults you, Hillary? What caused your micro-hissy fit for the press,"The announcement of the settlements on the very day that the vice president was there was insulting," you said. Your assistant elaborated further on your insulted feelings (as violins played in the background), "The secretary said she could not understand how this happened, particularly in light of the United States' strong commitment to Israel's security and she made clear that the Israeli government needed to demonstrate not just through words but through specific actions that they are committed to this relationship and to the peace process." . . . . . . . Sorry for the pause, I had to run get tissue to wipe my tears away. You're right, Hillary, you must have reeled from the insult! How on earth could Israel want to build homes for its people in its own capitol?

Seriously, how dare you tell Israel that they need to demonstrate through ACTIONS their commitment to peace. How many rocket attacks from terrorists does one little country have to absorb? How many captured terrorists does Israel have to release in exchange for one captured Israeli soldier? How many more "Gush Katif's" does Israel have to give away? How many more of their own homes does Israel have to bulldoze? How many square miles does Israel have to reduce itself to? If Israel tied its own noose, would that finally be enough action for you?

Yet, after your unbelievable berating of Netanyahu for not being a good enough peace partner, you had the audacity to stand before thousands of Jews at the AIPAC conference and say, "Guaranteeing Israel's security is more than a policy position for me. It is a personal commitment that will never waiver." . . . . . . . I'm sorry, this time I needed a long pause to laugh.

Speaking of AIPAC, you also brought up the subject of Iran at the conference, "The United States is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons . . . Our aim is not incremental sanctions, but sanctions that will bite . . . We will not compromise our commitment to preventing Iran from acquiring these weapons." Really, Hillary? Do you remember what you did regarding Iran just a few weeks ago or was DEBKA's report wrong?

According to DEBKA, "Washington eased the threat of harsh sanctions hanging over Iran's head regarding its nuclear program at the very moment that it was beginning to take effect and Tehran was showing signs of stress. Tuesday March 2, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters [regarding sanctions against Iran], 'We are moving expeditiously and thoroughly in the Security Council, I can't give you an exact date, but I would assume some time in the next several months.'" And this after you had just assured a Senate panel that stiff sanctions would be clamped down on Iran "in the next 30 to 60 days." To top things off, the abrupt reversal of your policy took place just after Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak left Washington. Barak was given assurances that a new round of tough sanctions would be in place by the end of March. How did the timeline for doing something about nukes in Iran go from "30-60" days to "maybe doing something within several months?" Wow, that is "bite!"

Alas, our little chat must come to an end. I am out of questions for the time being. But I'm sure your folly will soon cause me to ask more. So for now, I will end by saying that I feel sorry for you. You were put in a position and given a chance to be a true ally of Israel. Used well, your position could have landed you in the hall-of-fame with other women throughout history who stood strong against Israel's enemies: Jael, Esther, Golda, Corrie ten Boom, Miep Gies. Instead, I'm afraid your alliance with Israel's enemies will liken you to Jezebel.
Camie Davis © 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Wouldn't Be Prudent

It is with more frustration than usual that I give the "Wake Up and Smell the Falafel Award" today. I'm awarding a Jew. And sadly, this is the first Jew on a long list of Jews who need to be told to "Wake Up!"

A few days ago, Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, the largest synagogue movement in the United States, gave his opinion on the construction of new housing in Jerusalem: Don't build, at least for now. Yoffie said, "The Union for Reform Judaism, like most American Jewish organizations, supports a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. This means that we believe housing units constructed in Jerusalem by Israel are not settlements and they are not illegal. But a great many things that are legal are not prudent or wise – and building in Arab sections of Jerusalem in the current political climate is one of those things."

Commence shaking of head and sigh. Don't you know Rabbi Yoffie, that the whole brew-ha-ha over Jews building houses in Jerusalem is not about houses? It's about that fact that you, a Jew, get up every morning and breathe. You exist. And that, Rabbi, is the current "climate" and problem of the Palestinians.

Several years ago, when my husband and I visited Malaysia, a young girl bluntly told me, "You Americans have no concept of history." I was taken aback by her brashness, but found that I could not argue with her. Most Americans' knowledge of history is last week's issue of People Magazine. So, not wanting to fall into the I-have-no-concept-of history category, I have made it a point to learn more about history and to be aware of current events. Especially when it comes to Israel. So that's why I've got to ask you Rabbi Yoffie, "Do you know your history?" And is it real history or is it the revisionist history touted by the Arabs that sadly so many Jews swallow hook, line, and sinker?

Do you remember, Rabbi, what Arafat (the inventor of the "Palestinian cause") was offered by Barak and Clinton? Hebron. STATEHOOD. Half of JERUSALEM. And what did Arafat do? He turned it down! Why? Because once again, the entire Palestinian cause is not about land, it's not about statehood, it's not about houses. It's about wiping Israel and every Jew off of the map. And somewhere down in your liberal heart-of-hearts you must know that. Somewhere in one of your Jewish molecules you must sense what this is really all about. It is about your survival. And why a non-Jewish housewife in Middle America gets this and Jews like you don't, is really baffling.

Rabbi Yoffie, you went on to say, "We [the Reform movement] remain committed to an Israel that is Jewish and democratic, we affirm our commitment to a two-state solution, and we support an active American role in the peace process." How noble of you to expouse such a view from the shores of America. Commitment to an Israel that is "Jewish and democratic" and belief in a "two-state solution" is such an oxy-moron. Have you seen who you think Israeli Jews should live side-by-side with. Have you heard the Palestinian chants lately? Have you counted how many rockets have been fired by Israel's Palestinian neighbors.

How hollow your opinion would sound to the Jewish family whose father was shot in the head by his Palestinian neighbors as he drove home one evening. How grotesque your view would be to the mother of the little girl who was playing in her room one Shabbat morning when a Palestinian ran into her home and put a bullet in her head. How utterly shameful your view would be to the family of the little boy in a kindergarten class who was killed by a rocket shot by his neighbors. I wonder how long it would take for your view to change if you had the courage to live in Israel to get first-hand knowledge of what the "two-state solution" would actually entail.

Another history pop-quiz Rabbi. Do you know how many Arab countries Arafat and his Palestinian followers tried to establish a foothold in before they squatted in Israel? Umm, interesting that you don't blame or expect Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria to step up to the plate and offer all the poor Palestinian people a state. Do your remember that Arafat and his followers got kicked out of all of these ARAB countries? So, logical next step. If your own people won't even offer you statehood, look to your enemy. And now Israel is expected to do what other ARAB countries wouldn't even think of doing.

But wait, it gets even better. Do you remember who the original Palestinians were? They were Arabs and, hold on to your yarmulke, JEWS. That's right, dating back hundreds of years, people who lived in the land of Israel were called Palestinians. That name denoted a PLACE not a race. (Try to retain that little nugget of info. It's really important.) The British, who ruled Palestine from 1917-1948, decided to divide the land between the "Palestinian Arabs" and "Palestinian Jews." Guess who got 77% of the "equal" divide? The Arabs. And guess what their land was called? Trans-Jordan. Interesting, huh? The Arabs were given the land that is now known as Jordan. Perhaps that's why King Hussein once said, "Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine." Arafat followed suit by saying, "What you call Jordan, is actually Palestine." Ah, just a few facts that revisionist historians don't want you to remember. But as a Jew, you should know this history inside and out. Today's Palestinians are Arabs who chose to remain or return to the 23% of the land that was given to the Jews in 1922, despite being given 77% of other land to live on.

So Rabbi, before you give another reformed opinion, put all these real facts in your pipe and smoke for awhile. And then tell me if you still think the prudent thing to do is for Jews, who are the G-d given rightful owners of Jerusalem, to quit building homes for Jewish men, women, and children in one little neighborhood that exists in the 8,019 square miles of Israel. Wake up, Rabbi, to yourself. You are Jewish. So act like one and quit helping the Palestinians cut your own throat.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

I have a feeling that this won't be the last time Biden gets a "Wake Up and Smell the Falafel Award." Not much needs to be written about this one. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Though I do have to ask, how on earth can Biden embrace and practically kiss Abbas, a man who is the leader of terrorists? Oh, I guess that's right. It's easy to embrace someone you sleep with on a regular basis. Get ready, though, Biden. Get ready for your lips to kiss something else one fine day. Israel has been given a promise: "Kings will be your nurturers and their princesses your wet nurses. With faces to the ground they will prostrate themselves to you; they will lick the dust of your feet," Isaiah 49:23.

Oh, and by the way, as you can see, there was a military "honor guard" display for Biden. However, the picture below shows the military "honor guard" display the day before Biden's visit. These are young "supporters" of the Islamic Jihad Movement March during a rally in Gaza City . Who do you think these children are being taught to hate? Not just Jews; all infidels. That means you, Biden. You and the administration you represent are sleeping with the enemy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Coat of Revisionism Painted on Thick

Recently, Israel made a move that once again caused an uprising in the Muslim world. Iran, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan warned that the move Israel made was a provocation. Hizbullah and Hamas outrightly called for violence in response to Israel's move. Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas, visiting in Brussels, told the Belgian parliament that the move was a “serious provocation which may lead to a religious war.” And the constantly alert, ever faithful watchdog, The United Nations, even expressed “concerns."

What on earth did Israel do to provoke such outrage? Did they leak the flight plans of jet fighters soon to fly over Iran? No. Israel's move was so provocative that before I reveal it, you should double-check and make sure that no children are looking over your shoulder at the computer screen. Those who are faint-hearted, make sure you've taken your medication today. Because this is shocking! Are you ready? Deep breath. Here goes. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that the ancient tomb of Rachel and the Patriarchs’ Cave will be included on the list of national Jewish heritage sites. And not only that, he also had the gall to add that the sites will be refurbished! Oh, Israel, what horror will you think of next?

If you have recovered from shock, we'll move on to more reaction from the Muslim world, since their reaction seems to be the only one that matters these days. Hizbullah said that Israel’s declaration represents "arrogance” and “is yet another example of aggression against Muslims holy sites and an attack on the dignity of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.” Not to be outdone, Jordanian Minister Nabil Sharif said, “The Israeli policies that also seek to alter the historical and religious features on the ground in the occupied territories are rejected and are against international legitimacy principles.” And to top off the outcries, Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said in a statement: "This new Israeli position will only feed extremism, confrontations and violence, and it does not serve US efforts to revive peace.”

Did you catch that? "This NEW Israeli position . . ." And the world sits back and buys it. Revisionist history at its best. Yes, it's true. Netanyahu is the first Jew to read the book of Genesis and figure it all out. Can you imagine Netanyahu's excitement when he saw that Rachel and the patriarchs and matriarchs listed in the Bible were Jewish! That must be what led to his "new position."

This is not the first time Muslims have done a bit of revision. It has become en vogue for Muslim leaders to deny that there is any historical or religious connection between the Jews and the Temple Mount. Nice try boys! But your own leaders up until the 1950's printed handy-dandy little guide books about Jerusalem that quite correctly connected the dots between the Jews and the Temple Mount. The official 1925 Supreme Moslem Council (Wakf) Guide Book to the Temple Mount lists on page four, paragraph two, the Temple Mount's connection to the Holy Temple built by King Solomon on land purchased by King David, complete with a reference to II Samuel 24:25. This important fact was included in the official guide books until the 1950's when it began to be left out. Which reminds me of another book in which an important fact is left out. The Koran never mentions Jerusalem, nor its importance to Arabs. Not once. Interesting. But, hey, no problem to a revisionist!

Rachel's tomb is just the next site on a list of Jewish holy sites being historically revamped. It is now being called the "Bilal ibn Rabah Mosque" and is near and dear to Muslims' hearts. Which is frightening, considering what happens to places that Muslims cherish and claim as their own. Anyone remember Joseph's tomb? A site that Muslims claimed was special to them. A place they wanted to "watch over." So what did they do it? They destroyed it. A mob of Arabs using gunfire, stones, and firebombs systematically destroyed the holy site, reducing it to a smoldering rubble and tragically killed six Jews in the process. And now they want Rachel's tomb.

The Muslims' reaction to Netanyahu's announcement, is akin to a spoiled-rotten child who sees another child with a toy he wants. The Muslims start throwing a screaming tantrum and for some inexplicable reason, the world bends over backwards to pacify them, gives them the toy, and then the Muslims throw it down and start screaming for another one.

So today, the "Wake Up and Smell the Falafel Award" goes to all revisionist historians who are trying to paint the whole world "Muslim." And I have an uneasy feeling, America, that we better wake up soon or one day revisionism will hit our shores and the Statue of Liberty might just begin wearing a burka.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poison in Carrickmacross

Something terrible has happened in the small Irish town of Carrickmacross. Their ale has been poisoned! This has caused some of its citizens and councilmen to do bizarre things. After downing a few pints of the tainted brew, they merrily went on their way and tore the page out of the town hall's guest book that Israeli Ambassador, Zion Evrony, had signed. It was a rip heard 'round the world.

Apparently, the five council members who voted to rip the page out and the citizens who protested Evrony's visit have been drinking the poisoned ale of anti-Israeli propaganda for awhile. The illustrious council members tried to physically bar Evrony's entry into the town hall to meet the mayor. Kudos to Mayor Mary Kerr Conlon, who did not partake of the councilmen's fodder. The "mature" councilmen shouted abusive comments and demanded that Evrony leave the town. Evrony was only able to enter town hall after the police intervened.

“Mr. Ambassador, you are not welcome here,” councilman Matt Carthy reportedly shouted to Evrony. “You represent a rogue government and this visit is unacceptable. What your government has been responsible for in Gaza and in the rest of the Palestinian territory has been completely unacceptable.” The report said that Carthy’s verbal protest continued when the ambassador posed for photographs with the mayor and that the police tried to restrain him.

The particularly vocal councilmen, Matt Carthy, who is a member of Sinn Fein, called for Mayor Conlon to apologize for inviting Evrony to town, and said she should be ashamed of herself for hosting a civic reception for someone who simply wasn’t welcome in Carrickmacross.

On his blog, Carthy described his efforts to sway Mayor Conlon to shun Evrony. "I immediately called her and outlined the huge insult that such a reception would be to all of those people in Carrickmacross and further afield who are continually horrified by the actions of the Israeli government, particularly in the Palestinian territories." He further stated, “To allow the page to remain in our visitors book would, I believe, forever sully the name and reputation of the council I am proud to have been a member of since 1999.” Carthy has received numerous "pats on the back" on his blog and Facebook page from citizens who applaud his actions.

The boisterous Carthy, appears to be a relatively young lad. Maybe his youth explains his misguided ignorance. I decided to write him and perhaps have a civil dialogue; try to find out what makes a young Irish man so vehemently anti-Semitic.

His response was revealing. He's practically a card-carrying sucker of the U. N. That explained a lot. The following is a "he said, she said" dialogue. First what he wrote to me, and then my thoughts to his delusions in parenthesis. He said, "Israel, has broken numerous UN resolutions, that's indisputable. [For its survival, Israel tends to break resolutions which are 100% anti-Israel, and in favor of terrorists.] "It has also been found guilty of deliberately targeting schools and hospitals." [Ah, yes get out the tissue and violins as you watch mainstream-media staged propaganda. The chances of a school or hospital being hit would be ZERO if the Hamas and PLO thugs did not hide behind skirts and diapers and stoop so low as to hide their ammo in ambulances.] "Now I know you'd say that Israel has also suffered that I don't dispute but the way forward is through dialogue and the Israeli government refuse to enter dialogue except on their own terms." [Imagine that! The Israelis have a few of their own terms before they sit down with a pseudo-government who backs terrorists and continues to publicly and privately call for the destruction of Israel.]

He goes on to say, "Our actions in Carrickmacross were simply an expression that we didn't want to be associated with the Israeli government while they act in contravention of international law. That is our right." [Yes, Matt Carthy, it is your right to be a complete and total idiot.]

"By the way," he feels compelled to remind me, "this cannot be regarded as anti-Jewish in any way. In fact I have received correspondence from a number of Jewish people who have expressed understanding of our actions. I know they are a minority but they too are entitled to their opinion." [Of course, what was I thinking? You and the citizens of Carrickmacross give me no reason, whatsoever, to think that any of your actions or beliefs are anti-Jewish." So let's use another word for it. Can we all say it together: ANTI-SEMITIC. And let me guess, the few Jewish people who expressed understanding of your actions were all named Goldstone.]

Ah, and I saved the best for last. He closed his note to me by stating, "Also I think your language regarding 'regret, very much' may be considered by some to be a threat of some kind and I would appreciate it if you didn't make that type of reference." [First of all, isn't it a bit ironic to be scolding me for a "threat" considering your party's ties to the IRA? The following is my big, bad, ugly "threat" that I wrote to him, "I'm afraid that you will one day regret, very much, your treatment of the Jews." Wow, what a threat, huh? But I should have known a warning on a SPIRITUAL level, insinuating that karma would most likely bite his Irish butt someday, would completely go over his head.]

After the council members passed the motion to rip Evrony's signature out of their guestbook, Carthy said, “Carrickmacross Town Council has redeemed itself and the Israeli ambassador’s PR stunt has backfired. Zion Evrony has got his answer from our little town in South County Monaghan.”

So here's to you, Matt Carthy and the little town of Carrickmacross, for your big, bold, brave "answer" to Zion Evrony and Israel. You are pathetic. Therefore, you have the earned the distinction of being the first recipient of the "Wake Up and Smell the Falafel Award." Be proud! You earned it!