Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Call Bullshit

Each time it happens we are told it is just an anomaly.  An aberration.  No pattern.  None whatsoever.  Just a lone wolf running outside of the pack.  Yes, that’s exactly what each jihadist or terrorist is, if I can even use the j-word or t-word.

A Muslim runs over people in Nice.  A Muslim hacks people with an ax on a train in Germany.  A Muslim stabs a mom and her three young daughters at a resort in the Alps.  All occurring this week.  But move along all you racist phobic’s.  There’s nothing to see here.  Nothing but a continued pattern that has been happening for years.

The attack in the Alps really set me off.  A man name Mohamed stabbed sisters, ages 14, 12, and 8, for reportedly being to “scantily dressed.”  Can I just say what a lot of warm-blooded, conservative women like me are thinking?  What a perverted asshole!  A perverted asshole that represents what Islam has done for a long time.  Subjugated women.  There.  I said it.

Subjugate: verb – to bring under domination or control, especially by conquest.

Like I said, it’s what’s Islam does to women.  I hate it.  And I hate that this religion is being promoted, especially by liberals who love to brag that they are the gallant fighters against the war on women, as “the religion of peace.”  Bullshit.

Okay.  I’ll pause.  Maybe take a shot of whiskey.  At least take a deep breath.  And tell you a little story.

I squirmed a little bit in my seat while riding on the train in India.  My squirming was not due to being uncomfortable on the 14-hour train ride.  It was due to delight.  Delight in hearing my 60 something year-old female travel companion, Ginger Burnside, give hell to a Muslim man about the way Muslim men treat women.

My companion’s normally sweet Southern accent had a little bite to it as she asked, “Why do you men force women to cover themselves when it is you who have the problem?  If you lust when looking at a woman you should cover your eyes.  It is wrong to make a woman cover her entire body.” 

It’s one of my favorite moments in life.  It happened about twenty years ago.  Back then there wasn’t as much danger in getting one’s head chopped off for questioning the religion of Islam.

Ginger was one woman trying to take on a beast, instead of feeding the beast through appeasement.  Not that it did any good.  But at least she tried. 

I recently read an article about the abuse of Muslim women in Bangladesh.  Ginger spent a lot of time in Bangladesh, as well as in several other Muslim countries.  She had seen with her own eyes the oppression and abuse done under sharia law.

A nation-wide survey conducted by the government espoused that 87% of married women in Bangladesh are abused.  Damn.  Of those, 50% had sustained serious injury. 

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRITV) is a non-profit organization that monitors and translates Arab media, schoolbooks, and religious sermons.  If you value your sanity you won’t spend too much time watching or reading the translations.  It is hard to stomach to say the least.  But if one does watch or listen, he or she will quickly find out that the violence being perpetrated on Muslim women is sanctioned and taught.  One will also quickly find out that jihad is being called for from Muslim clerics and leaders around the world to subjugate and kill non-Muslims.  It’s nothing new.

Calls for violence against the West and against Israel have gone out for decades.  Americans and Europeans have just been too caught up in their own lives to notice.  And those who do notice now are quickly warned that evil does not exist outside of movies and television shows.  Zombies?  Vampires?  Aliens?  Yes, in the world of fantasy, all these things need to be stopped from destroying the human race.  But people in real life who systematically perpetrate killing all non-conformists?  Nah.  People like that don’t need to be destroyed.  We just need to learn to coexist with them.

Muslims gang-rape, capture and sell women as sex-slaves, burn people alive, behead, crucify, torture, disembowel, sexually abuse, cut off genitals of victims, ax people to death, run over people with cars and trucks, kill female members of their own family if the girl is too Westernized, kill females who try to get an education, hang homosexuals in public executions, throw homosexuals off buildings, blow-up people, and hijack planes.  Just to name a few.  This is what you, civilized citizen of the world, are expected to empathize with, per Hillary Clinton, and coexist with, per many liberals.

I’ll repeat; violence perpetrated by Muslims is not an anomaly.  It is systematic and it is increasing.  And it has a goal.  To establish a caliphate, i.e. subjugate the world. 

And just to cover all my bases, let me take this commercial break and say: if you are a Muslim who does not participate in the above carnage, or you know Muslims who don’t, good for you.  In fact, slow clap for being a normal human being.  And since you are a normal human being, then I’m going to assume that you care more about the atrocities being done in the name of your religion than you care about the reputation of your religion, i.e. you know who the real victims are.  Really, though, do those of us dialoguing about all the atrocities being done by Muslims really have to keep pausing to check on the feelings of non-violent Muslims?  Please.

Okay, I guess I'm done venting.  I do have faith that somehow this is all going to end well.  But in the mean time I worry some.  Worry for my loved ones who are Jews.  Although, they would say, "Don't worry about us.  It's you I'm worried about."  They have a point.  And I worry for those who don't carry guns.  And I worry for the over all well-being of mankind.  But really, it's all going to end well.  The darkness covering the earth was predicted.  But so was light.  I guess today was just one of those days, though, when it feels like "we got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight."  My kicking doesn't amount to much though.  I realize that.  That's why I turn to and think about Isaiah 63.  It describes a day of vengeance when God reeks havoc against evildoers.  Guess what virtue Isaiah equates destroying evil with?  Kindness.  In the real world, calling out and destroying evil is one of the truest acts of kindness one can bestow on a fellow human being.    


  1. Thank you! I know I could not have said it any better. You are so right.

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